7 key principles of yoga sutra-2

5. Witness everything: This is a single process in yoga that traces its way throughout the Yoga Sutras. This means to systematically observe, explore in depth, set aside with non-attachment, and go beyond each of the stages of reality. The meaning of witnessing means Do observation but no any attachment, either positive or negative. To witness everything involves systematically disentangling from the thought patterns, witnessing thoughts, cultivating remembrance or mindfulness, running through the stages of awareness, and dealing with the gross, delicate and more delicateness.
6. Make your mind one-pointed: There are lots considerable obstacles on the inner journey, according to Patanjali eastern yoga. These include illness, dullness, dirtiness, doubt, negligence, laziness, misconceptions, failure, and instability. However, there is a single treatment that deals atomically effectively with these, and that is to train the mind to be one-pointed. Whether the tip of  being one-pointed is formula, a short prayer, a routine principle, or being concentrated in the work you do, this much simple practice is very useful. It must be practiced and experienced to be fully appreciated about its effect.
7. Discriminate at all levels: The whole philosophy of Self-realization of Yoga sits on discrimination. Discrimination is used to do choices that bring stable tranquility. The purpose of the eight steps of Yoga is to acquire the sense discrimination. Razor-like discrimination is used to separate the soft and the hard, so as to break the attachment of karma, and to get beyond the four mistakes of ignorance. The subtler discrimination involve many sensitive experience as well as mind and consciousness with the highest discrimination leading to absolute liberation. Purification of soul is also a outcome.
One of the easiest, straightforward, and useful ways to practice discrimination is to reflect on your actions, speech, and thoughts, and ask you, "Is this useful or not useful? Is it better that I do this or do that?" Measure your responses on the basis of what brings you closer or further to Self-realization. Finally your being living inside you will understand what is yoga and why.

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