How to improve memory easily?-3

1.INFORMATION ORGANIZING THROUGH MEANING AND ASSOCIATION. It is necessary to understand the meaning of intentional associations for memory improving. When learning, a person continually makes associations. We make associations between what we are learning and the environment we are in, between the information and our mental states, and between the information and our stream of thoughts, this enhance our memory. When things are associated in memory, thinking of one helps bring the other to mind. Have you ever actually retraced your path when you have forgotten where We put an object such as your keys? Often, as We approach the place where you put them, you are suddenly able to remember the act of laying them down on the table or putting them in your gym bag, isn't this memory mechanism. This is association. The memory of putting the keys down was associated with your memory of things in the environment. We can make associations work for you by making them intentional. When you are having difficulty recalling new material, you can help bring it to mind by thinking about what you have associated it with.
2. FOR SHARP MEMORY,VIVID ASSOCIATIONS. In the above text we have already learned the idea of associations: aiding storage and retrieval of new information by intentionally pairing it with something familiar. When memorizing something new and unfamiliar, try pairing it with something you know very well, such as images, symbol, music and whatever you prefer. Many times it is associations that are particularly vivid humorous, or silly that stay in your mind. Many people remember names this way. You can learn lots of information in a single day after mastering these techniques.

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