what is fear?- how to control fear by Yoga?

Not only human being(homo sapiens), but also other animals, insects and even plants shows feeling of fear. Then, what is fear? and how to control fear? Fear is a specialized emotional state produced as a signal of potential danger. When our mind sense some probability of danger near to us either with respect to time or space, Hypothalamus and surrounding areas of our brain get abnormally activated, Emergency hormones like adrenaline and certain cortisol are liberated by Adrenal glands into blood stream. These stress controlling hormones bring a series of physiological changes in our body such as:
  • Increasing Heart beat and blood pressure
  • Sweating and intense shivering of body
  • Activation of our senses, like, Dilating of pupil of eyes
  • Stammering
All these are indeed stimulating activities. These stimulate to develop super energy and consciousness within us. In this sense, fear is the protective measure utilized to tackle the problem. After receiving  impulse of danger, fear arises, reaches to its maximum limit and gradually begins to decrease. Then after, generated extraordinary energy as well as super-conscious feeling counterattack the problem. In this way, a danger which cannot be prevented with the help of  normal mind, is eventually prevented as well as solved successfully due to the appearance of  intermediate(fear).

Immature or unhealthy mind many times becomes victim of fear. In this case, fear act as negative agent rather than a protective measure. Over amplification of fear and fear with harmless things time to time because of absence-mind are the most irritating problems. One of the proven balancing agent in this case is Yoga. Yoga has been proven to develop open-mind as well as strengthening you from your inner soul.
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