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Yoga asanas and yoga exercise explained by patanjali are extremely helpful for your mental, physical, psychological, emotional and social well beings. Yoga Asanas means certain typical positioning, stretching, bending and manipulating of your body. Within few months improved Physical vigor and sharper memory and analytical capability of your nerve will be seen. All these astounding results which are inevitable are the bright sides of performing yoga asanas. Just few popular yoga asanas and exercise, either bodily or respiratory- are enough for all round progress of you and yours....everything. Overall interpretation about some mostly practiced yoga poses and yoga asanas are as follow:

 Inversions poses- Inversion poses are excellent poses to perform to improve your blood circulation, quiet your mind and improve your overall health. Inversions are also believed to slow down the aging   process by increasing the production of antioxidants.

Balancing poses Balancing poses are useful for the betterment of your balance and coordination as well as developing your ability to remain grounded in a pose. Keeping your body balanced encourages you to focus, quiet and balance your mind.

Counter poses
A counter pose is a yoga pose(that increase the flexibility of your spinal cord) that stretches your spine in the opposite direction from a previous pose or returns your spine to a neutral position.

Forward bends
Forward bends stretch the entire back of your body, mostly your hamstrings. These are also often used to release tension, calm your mind and soothe your nervous system. Similar to back bends, forward bends help keep your spine strong and with enough flexibility.

Back bends
Back bends are most difficult yoga asanas that you may encounter. Bending backward helps strength your back and keep your spine strong and supple. Back bends also open the front of your body, especially your chest.

Twists Practicing twist yoga asanas/ poses stretch and strengthen your back and abdominal muscles, increase the flexibility of your spine and improve your circulation. Twists improve the functioning of your internal organs by providing them with a fresh supply of blood as you twist and release your body.

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