Ten memory making Tricks

 1. Mind mapping in your brain:  This is the best way that your brain stores information, like branches of a Banyan tree. And if you draw Mind Maps using symbols as well as bold words, you'll be able to visualize the main points and make memory.
2. Learning with all your senses:  Utilizing all your sense while learning really makes you super minded. If you can see it, touch it, taste it, hear it and smell it, you are much more likely to remember it.
3. Learn by using your Muscular memory:  "Muscle memory" is extremely helpful. That's why you can easily ride a bicycle, even if you haven't been on one for 10 years.
4. Make habits of linking tools as memory pegs: The more you link, the more you learn - that's the secret to most memory making courses. Therefore attach new information on to information that you already in your mind.
5. Make much links visual:  Images are much favored by subconscious so better to use your visualization ideas in your speed reading and memorizing techniques..
6. Make your links physical:   like learning to count in Nepali, using a simple series of physical actions.
7. Make your links in rhyme:  Linking like a song is a good practice indeed for your memory making ideas..
8. Practice makes a man perfect:  Master mind is not obtained within a overnight,  in fact there is the need of repeated practice again and again to gain the real progress.
9. Memorize initial letters:   Memorize initial words and use acronyms, it really do work..
10. Get emotionally involved: Emotion is the key idea to learning. There is involvement of subconscious mind where there is emotions.

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