memory sharpening tips for college students

Acquiring knowledge for long term for your broad mind needs lots of memory sharpening exercise. There are many memory sharpening tips which can prove useful. Just reading books and repeating such practice again and again without any strategic action plan will degrade your brain. In college, huge stuff of books and subject matter study is essential. Getting good score in exam is our dream and for this sharp memory is the basis that guarantee our goal. For sharpening memory the first priority must be given to your time management. Proper mobilization of available time is needed to use your time economically for progress. Mnemonics is a valuable tool to adopt , this will quickly sharpen your memory and also helps you learn easily and interestingly. Very simple rules and techniques are included in Mnemonics. Mind mapping will shorten your preparation time, wherever you go you can remember your subject matter with the help of simple mental diagram. Therefore it is beneficial for college students to construct mind map of various topic to improve their memory. Linking  and loci method can construct a interconnected chain of information in your mind so that you can remember huge information with less effort . The best way for sharpening memory is repeat-ion of viewing information in proper time interval. Repeat-ion in proper interval can keep your memory constantly high. Repeat within 10 minutes, then after 24 hours and at last after a week. Now information will be in your permanent memory which requires much less effort to remember again.

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