7 key principles of yoga sutra-1

  1.       Choose thing that lead to the continuous tranquility: In yoga, one of the main principles against which all decisions in our life are made is the question of what will bring you in the direction of a stable tranquility. Building and habituating yourself in this skill of decision making will consequently lead you in the direction of inner peace and Self-realization. Repeatedly question yourself, "Is this right or not? Will this lead me in the right path or the wrong one?" Then, you can move in that direction with confidence, and in a spirit of non-attachment.
  2.        Make your belief strong regularly: for the core attitudes to develop and reaffirm, none is more important that sperm, which means the energy of conviction and persistence. Sometime we seek the emergence of the spiritual awakening, but the first form of that to emerge is determination from your inner soul. Always say, in a strong voice, "I can do it; I will do it; I have to do it!" Regularly having this attitude as a culture will keep you going when the path seems to be filled with obstacles. With this attitude, the same ego that is believed as a disturbance becomes a best friend.
  3.        Practice for coloring your thoughts: The satisfaction of deeper meditation comes through discoloring the mental obstacles that spoil the true Self. This technique of cultivating uncolored versus colored thought is a main principle of achieving success. It involves minimizing the gross colorings and then dealing with the subtler colorings, so that the attachment with karma can be broken.
  4.       Apply just a single solution for much negativity: There are many positive ways in the Yoga principles for actions, speech, and thoughts. However, we mostly are not able to completely live up to these high standards. Whenever our actions, speech, or thoughts are contrary to these principles, they may be accompanied by anger, greed, or delusion. They may be mild, medium, or intense. There is a single principle in dealing with these troubles in easy manner. That is, retrain the mind by repeatedly reminding it that this is going in the wrong direction, and will bring you nothing but unending misery.

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