short-term memory and memory sharpening tools

Memory units of brain can be divided into two parts: short term and long term memory. During the time of learning and study all the information gathered resides in your short term memory, it has limited capacity so it can not store information more than ten minutes. After this time span it will be empty again . This is the real reason why continuous studying whole over the day without any revising makes no memory. For sharp and permanent memory, listing of information in your long term memory is of utmost importance. short term memory is active during learning and processing of knowledge, facts and theories given in the text, better short term memory helps you to absorb efficiently from your text and accelerate your impulse transmission rate along your nerve circuit. Never disregard the importance of your short term memory since it is much valuable for further improvement in your speed reading and fast retrieval of stored information.
       A person who can understand a lot giving a glance at his text has super short term memory- better the analytical power sharper the efficiency of short term memory. Otherwise a sluggish reader and sluggish tracer has sluggish short term memory. There are various tips and techniques to boost your short term memory for long term with less effort but with wit and scientific procedures- as explained in other articles of this site. There is no any controversy that a powerful short term memory of an individual is a gateway for a  even more powerful long term memory. Memory making, memory sharpening, boosting your brain , winning a match and many more depends upon a proper balance between these short and long-term memory. That,s why, learn a little about short term memory and improve your permanent memory and make you a great achiever.

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