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     Many times same incident repeat like an evil habituation, read whole over the year, study vigorously during exam time, but unfortunately forget every details while writing down on your copy in final day. This becomes a painful joke in your life, repeated again and again without any idea of transformation. And all we need is help for stopping forgetting; help to remember easily. At this moment, some practical tricks for helping you to remember are mention below:

1. Make connections with what you already know.
       If you meet a friend, in your mind link the name with some features in his face. Or think about a famous person with that name. Your brain saves information in a network of connected ideas. Your brain will remember better if you connect new information to old one. If you are preparing for an exam, understand how this material is connected to material you are already familiar and talk about it out loud. If you are memorizing a speech, start the speech with something easy for you to remember - a story or a famous quotation. Then frame out the speech along a series of related mental connections.

2. Visualize the text to memorize fast and remember better.
      Make a mental outline. Think what it would look like. You can increase this with some memorization by imagining you can smell it or probe it. Make an interesting and often funny visualization. If you are memorizing a fact for a test, try to plot it in a chart or diagram or picture. You will easily remember the mental plot better than a paragraph of illustration. You can also make use of some symbols for indicating abstract things or concepts in your outline.

3. Speak aloud or chant the material.
       What we do or what we speak makes deep rooted memory. Therefore, this idea of chanting while learning is effective. Especially if you are a verbal or auditory learning you will want to memorize this way. Repeat it out loud from memory only referring to notes when you have to. Repeatedly chant the text until you can do it completely from memory without any fear. In Essay writing it can be helpful to write the Essay verbally forming a memorized verbal text if you wish to remember for a long time. 

4. Reproduce the material in writing to enhance memory.
      Transform your knowledge in writing in connection with drawing symbols and pictures. It won't hurt you to hear the material or to reproduce it out loud, but it may be more helpful to write it and see it. You can also make your own flash cards from hard paper and review them while on public places or waiting in line. Memory is easily developed by adopting above mentioned procedures.

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