Tantra yoga practice to increase sexual power.

 Tantra yoga practice is popular for increasing sexual power. Just above the base of spine Sex chakra is situated. Opening of this chakra via Tantra yoga boosts our sexual vigor many times than before. This is therefore very important for happy conjugal life.

How Tantra yoga improves our sexual life?

1. This helps to awaken sex chakra from its coiled state and activate kundalini energy.
2. Improves sperm vitality and number as well as cures anomalies related with our sex organs.
3. By balancing quantity and time of release of hormones, improve our sexual performance and durability.

Simple procedure of Tantric yoga improves sexual life.

1.Sit down on your mat with your leg crossed and hands placed on your lap. This is one of the comfortable postures to start.
2.Take some deep breaths slowly.  This will calm down your body and mind.
3.Make your spine straight upwards, stretch your neck and gently bring your chin back and in, like a soldier attention.
4.Inhale air deeply, hold your breath in your lungs and contract your urethra muscle.  This is the muscle you contract when you are holding back from pissing.  Contracting this muscle means pulling it up and inwards.
5.You have to hold your breath and contraction for at least 5 seconds.  Then release the contraction and exhale out air.
6.Repeat this procedure for 7 more time

      After some days of practice your can gradually increase your time of contraction and number of repeating the process. In the male the testes will move slightly upwards, while in the female the labia will show motion when applying this tantric technique.
     This tantric process is much delicate and needs your mental focus and concentration to get its real benefit.  To make this effective, you must be able to contract the urethra exclusively and not engage in other genital and sexual muscles.  Patience and continuous practice is essential for at least 3 months.

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