How to improve memory and concentration by yoga?

Regular practice of Yoga and some light exercise dramatically improve memory and concentration for long term.  There are basically two different ways in which yoga can improve your memory and concentration. One is through as-ans or postures, and the second way is through breathing exercises(Pranayams). In order to stimulate brain function and improve oxygen rich blood supply to the brain, daily exercise is very essential. sufficient blood circulation to the brain means, it will function better. This in turn decreases the likelihood of falling victim to diseases that cause memory loss. Yoga can prevent memory losses by calming you and enhancing your concentration. It can also improve your powers of recall by increasing circulation to your brain. If you eat regular, nutritious meals, this blood flow and nourishes your brain. While you practice these poses, focus on your physical sensations and breathing. When your mind wanders, gently remind yourself to notice what's happening in your body.
One can significantly increase his ability to remember information as well as maximize concentration by following certain yoga techniques. For instance, pranayam, also referred as breathing exercises can improve memory and concentration. Daily meditation for 20- 30 minutes is one of easiest way to control a flickering mind. Meditation and yoga techniques such as 'Physical' yoga assist in focusing in mind and increase problem solving ability.Therefore it is strongly recommended to practice YOGA as your lifestyle,  as your culture.
This will ultimately improve memory and concentration and place you high in your life as a successful person.

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