speed reading for memory making

The whole concept of speed reading is to learn to interpret words visually as groups or sets of words instead of individual words or even sounds like we are all taught to traditionally read.   School systems teach children to read out loud, sound out words and process words audibly by teaching this method.  What it fails to do is then teach children once they know the words to start to visualize the words and absorb content at a much higher rate.
The brain can understand any visual image in a fraction of a second into many, many colors, objects, sites and moods in that since glance.  Speed reading takes advantage of the minds ability to do this by learning to see blocks of words instead of individual words sequentially.  The eye and brain can easily see more than just on word at a time and so this is the key to speed reading.  It’s NOT about simply moving the eyes faster and scanning by the words in the same sequence but faster.
Most important steps of speed reading for beginner:
1.Be comfortable and crack on your book:
Keep your area you read in free of distractions and setup so that you are comfortable with good light available and no distractions.  It’s a good idea to have your book laid out flat in front of you so that the pages are easy to flip and so you are looking straight on at the text. 

2. Line tracing in a fast and consistent speed:
Moving your finger or a pen as a guide will dramatically prevent regression, which is when the eye glances backwards momentarily.  This guide in place when moved smoothly and quickly can eliminate those unwelcome saccades and allows you to read faster.

3.Removing the habit of sub vocalization
Avoiding reading by moving your lips can dramatically increase your speed.Practice at a rate much higher than you can possible sub-vocalize (>500wpm)Move your hand or fingers over the words at a consistent just faster than you can sound things out and don’t EVER stop your hand to “hear” the words Read every line backwards so that the words don’t make sense back to back (vocalizing is easier to break using this since the language is broken)Count OUT LOUD from 1-100 over and over while reading (this will be very difficult at first but soon easy to do and it kills sub-vocalization quickly)
 4.Use your peripheral brain:
You must learn to use your peripheral vision when reason and so the best technique to do that is to force yourself to start reading the lines part way in and continuing with the next line before you quite get to the end.  Start by jumping lines while skipping just a word or two at the start and end of each line and practice reading this way for 15-20 minutes.

5.Always speed up before you read anything:
By pushing the mind at this higher rate, you will actually make it MUCH easier to slow back down to a rate still above your normal reading speed yet it will feel easier and you will develop more speed at a much quicker rate than if you start slower.

6. Time management:

7. Think faster to read faster:
8. Scanning and focus keywords: 
9. Making notes:                                                                                                                                                                                       10. Practice makes you a perfect:

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