Stages of learning for memory building.

Any student must admit and behave accordingly after understanding these four stages of learning. Just reading books at one,s disposal is not  learning, it is in fact killing of time , labor and money which will ultimately degrade you and weaken your mental developmental process.
 An ideal learning has following 3 stages:
    When you study at the first time and understand the concept given , it is believed that information has sown on your brain. But these information are like footsteps on sand so disappear  or become dim easily. Learning only up to this stage is done by more than 80% students. Therefore major fraction of the learners must admit this weakness and attempt to carry on their learning beyond this stage.
    Conversion of information into knowledge is the challenging job to do. It needs patience and repeated practice. Careful reading and remembering the same topic again and again make your raw learning ripen and stored in your long term memory , also adding the stuff in your thoughts and consideration.
This process build up knowledge- which is like footsteps craved on the rocks and takes long time to fade.

 Finally, when a student or learner leaves his college after finishing his study What he has in his mind is the wisdom, this lasts for lifetime. 

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