Super Memory making ideas- 1

It is well known that victory in game could be achieved by consistent strategy and well decided playing plan. Likewise, In study, victory will be  in the hand of those who understand the mechanism involved within and apply them in his/her philosophy and action plan . The sequential memory making steps are as under:
1. At first, Resister topics of everything you want to memorize in order in your mind. This helps in the systematic acquisition of knowledge avoid random recording of information.
2.Regularity is the key to success so avoid taking breaks in your routine. A long journey can be accomplish only by the many days of continuous walk , therefore never kill your time.
3.Age is not associated with memory so much . your illusion that old man can not understand and make memory must be abandoned.
4.Positive thinking, Believe, optimum use of your sense organs to learn, decorated expression, imaging, analytical study, reasonable thinking,  no missing, strong will and rigid determination are essential for a good memory.
5.Use of your mind in Imagination, mind mapping, debates and solving problems definitely develops interest in your study and is the important tool to multiply your attentions.
6.Study cycle suggest that  alternate study of different subjects time to time instead of only one can maximize your memory.
7.Revising increase your capability to memorize your lesson for a long time.
8.In study, Linking  your acquired knowledge by means of logical connection can make a long chain of information so that when you memorize one everything connected with that will be automatically memorized.
9.Develop your skill to edit information without destroying the main meaning of the text. This will develop your skill of expressing in your own words.
10.By making spider note of important keywords in sequence you can save your 90% time and focus in several topics in the same day.

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