Diseases like Cancer are reduced by Yoga.

Yoga, a term that is little bit complicated to understand and apply by modern materialistic human has already done lot of miracles. Ancient Indian sages delved deep into the mysteries of life through meditation and learned that diseases are not caused by accidental exposure to germs or pathogens, as medical scientists believe. The sages learned that much of human suffering is actually caused by the actions of each individual in his/her past life. Each action — good or bad — leads to a reaction in the same life cycle or carried over to the next. Since each individual is trapped in an unending cycle of life and death, the human suffering through diseases and highs and lows of life continue ceaselessly.

Modern science does not accept continuance of life after physical death. That is why it looks for physical solutions to diseases but fails to come up with lasting cures. If science finds cure for one disease, other more challenging ones afflict the human race. This is because they refuse to believe that the root of the problem lies far beyond the physical existence of human being.

Indian yogis however learned that beyond the physical and mental afflictions lies the spiritual disease. In other words, the spiritual Law of Karma — actions of the past resulting in diseases and other forms of suffering in the present life — governs human existence, life after life in a never-ending cycle.

In his treatise ‘Yoga Sutra’, the Indian sage Patanjali classified the diseases into three categories – physical (Aadhidehik), mental (Aadhibhautik) and spiritual (Aadhidaivik).

IS CANCER curable? Yes, Siddha Yoga is the answer, says Guru Siyag. This destructive process can be reversed by adopting the time tested “Siddha Yoga” . There are some medical science approved evidences in the behalf of this Yoga . That,s why there is huge possibility to eradicate diseases like aids and cancer forever from our planet.

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