External and Internal Yoga

1. Yam( non violence principle, truth, not thieving, not doing sex, not taste in worldly enjoyment.)
result: Remove senses and will from evil thoughts and focus to your soul.
2. Ni yam (rule)-(Sanitation, satisfaction, consistency, self study, respect to the God)
 result: create pure, religious, laborious and clam mental state.
3. Asan(sitting position)-(padmasan, bhadrasan, siddhasan, bagrasan, succhasan)
result: boost physical and mental fitness.
4. pranayams(more than 100 techniques...to control breathing )
result:   protect from evil waves and develop live-pran much more.
5.Pratyahar(  be safe from the like and dislike of  word, touch, sight, taste and smell)
result: make your senses your servant.
1. Dharana(concentrate on your 8 chakra within your body)
result: remove fluctuation while doing any jobs.
2.Concentration(concentrate on a topic in a systematic way)
result: get the most valuable thing of the world- focus and concentration.
3.Enlightenment(well developed state of concentration and inversion center of transformation-a new life in the new era)
result: completeness of life and appearance of magnetic achievement.

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