Super Memory making ideas- 3

Practice makes you perfect. In fact, super memory is the outcome of regular practice and consistent attachment with certain scientific techniques. Memory is like muscles, muscles grow by yoga(the best way) on the other hand memory grows by super memory making stratagem:
21. It has been said that imagination is infinite times effective than study. Thinking like a child and doing imagination about the subject matter much more than study results into the extra sharp memory, and you will be a noble man.
22. Brain fuels for sharp memory such as fish oil, legumes, wheat, banana, apple, vitamin B containing fruits, milk and milk products must be your regular food items.
23. Gymnastics of your brain for sharp memory is yoga and pranayams. understand the philosophy of yoga at first and then learn some useful yoga for sharpening your memory.
24. Drink one glass of water every hour. This helps in the rapid refreshment and preparation of neurotransmitters to aid your speed speeding and memory making process.
25. Apply Memory teasers like crossword puzzles and Sudoku to test as well as enhance your memory.
26. Take excursion to your past and remember your childhood memories . By doing this your long term memory will get promotion.
27. Without sports memory sharpening is not complete, frequent playing game or physical exercise make smooth blood circulation in brain and energy production.
28. Avoid taking drugs, alcohol and smoking in a regular manner, all these definitely ruin your memory in a permanent way- slowly and gradually.
29. Practice creating ideas and interpretations by viewing pictures. finally you can remember lots of words instantly by just viewing a single image.
30. Mind mapping is a renowned technique in the field of memory making, which you can try for your success. You can learn about MIND MAPPING in other pages of this site.

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