Super Memory making ideas- 5

Memory sharpening is not any haphazard technique, it must be systematic and under certain proven rules. Suitable combination of memory tactics certainly give you a new life with highlighted memory and supersonic retaining speed as me and several others . Some fundamental rules regarding our memory making and its mechanism are as follow:
36. Self discipline is a powerful tool which can drive you and give to you the real success that you dream. This is transformation tool to transform your imagination into reality. Self discipline means controlling of your thoughts, words, emotions, actions and will- to prevent falling in the state of confusion and disaster . Practicing for 21 days (without break )will add self disciplined attitude in your sub-conscious and make you cultured, turning your time into memory and as you wish.
37. Meaningful association of information and mental linking develops a chain of knowledge, when you pull one ring all rings in that chain will be pulled towards yourself. So, you can remember a lot with little effort.
38. When you are in the state mental stress and full of anger, slow circulation of blood and slow activation of neuro transmitters within your skull definitely decrease your speed reading and memory of topic.
39. Equilibrium between reading and remembering- 50% time reading and 50% time remembering and analyzing retained information develops super sharp memory- without any doubt.
40. To remember people, associate their name to their distinctive attribute about them. Feature of faces , posture and other special attributes associated with their name - helps you  quickly memorize their name and lots of information associated with them and make you familiar.

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