Memory sharpening diet foods

Good eating habits are essential for a student to do better. Diet have a strong effect on our memorizing abilities, cognitive function and well maintenance of our nervous system. Mental health for a  sharp memory depends upon the proper utilization of healthy food diets. Eating junk foods is sure to damage your sensitive brain and its circuit. Eating fish, especially salmon is highly recommended by scientists to sharpen your memory and enhance thinking abilities. Fishes are rich source of omega fatty acids, vitamin B12and vitamin D which are very valuable nutrients for our healthy brain. Apple(king of fruit)  contains almost all nutrients required for a healthy mind. It stops neuro-degenerative disorders occurring in our brain and strengthen memory centers. Nuts and walnuts delays memory decline and mental processing rate decline, in this aspect these healthy food items are of much importance. In landlocked country like Nepal where salmon is not available it is wise to depend upon Nuts and walnuts for sharp memory and enhanced mental health. Berries such as blackberries, blueberries, raspberries,etc are useful for getting antioxidants and essential vitamins for sharpen your memory. Cabbage, red beets and cherries contain anthocyanin, these foods are memory boosting in nature, therefore eliminate forgetfulness. Tomato, Apricot and Grapes available almost everywhere around the world are the best food for quercetin. Quercetin chemical is of prime importance for memory sharpening by increasing cerebral capacity to store information. People who eat food rich in folic acid have fast information processing and memory recall. foods containing sufficient folic acid are: peas, soybeans, spinach, Wheat germ,etc. People who have good eating habits can easily sharpen their memory and go forward in their life and get established as a successful personality. Then why and for whom to wait?

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