Types of memory

Memory is an important part of our mental information system. Whatever we study and try to learn are all send inside the skull and certain memory units of our brain retain impulses for different time duration. Human memory can be divided into three categories. These three types of memory are as under:1. sensory memory 2. short term memory 3. permanent or long term memory. The different types of memory each have their own particular mode of operation, but they all cooperate in the process of memorization, and can be seen as three necessary steps in forming a lasting memory. Incoming information are at first coded in sensory memory. Impulses stay here for less than 1 second so this memory is impossible to realize. When there is sufficient attention while learning, information are carried into the short term memory( the working memory). In this site information stays for less than 1 minutes. Working memory is the region from where understanding and perceptions arise. Analysis and interpretation ability is due to this short term memory. This the the reason why speed reading is required for effective learning. Short term memory is of limited capacity is desire to proceed is the driving force to activate it. Finally, when proper encoding of information in short term memory is successful, long term memory of our brain receive information. As we know long term memory or permanent memory is of life time duration( if properly revised in effective duration). Permanent memory has 2 subtypes: explicit memory and implicit memory. Implicit memory is unconscious and include procedural memory like skill of typing computer. On the other hand, Explicit memory is conscious and include declarative memory about facts and events. In declarative memory Episodic memory stores events and experiences while semantic memory stores facts and concepts.  During rehearsal information is transferred from permanent memory to working memory and deep neural strengthening occurs, as a consequence rate of forgetting exponentially decrease.

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