vitamins for sharp memory

Human being is considered intelligent living creature because of its enhanced mental capacity. Memory sharpening search of human being starts with the advancement of human society. During the exploration of memory improving tips we cannot neglect the memory making foods and vitamins needed for proper growth and well maintenance of our memory units. There are some fundamental vitamins and nutrient materials that are of prime importance, as they enhance your memory. Vitamin B-complex helps to form protective covering around your nerve cells, boost the production of Red blood cells( which in turns enhance the supply of oxygen in your brain), destroy toxins produced inside skull and refresh your brain.Useful source of vitamin B-complex are green leafy vegetables, soybeans, legumes and citrus fruits such as grapes, orange, pineapple, etc. Another essential nutrient for our best memory is anti oxidants. Vitamin A(beta carotene), vitamin C and vitamin E are some antioxidants which destroys harmful free radicals in our brain. By searching and destroying free radicals of our nerves- antioxidants keep our brain memory units healthy and well managed. Drinking herbal tea every morning is a safest way to supply enough antioxidants inside our body. Omega fatty acids is another class of nutrient, which is not vitamin. It protects brain from inflammation and reduce the amount of cholesterol level of our neural path. Thus for memory making Omega fatty acids are of utmost importance. cold water fish and walnuts are 2 proven food items for Omega fatty acids. Proper use of above mentioned nutrients are for your optimum neural activity so that success instantly touch your feet.

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