IELTS preparation with sharp memory

Preparation of IELTS and memory making-for your perfect career needs following hints:

1. Forget the fear – read as much as possible:

My first suggestion is to read as much as possible,helpful for permanent memory. By this I don’t mean do endless IELTS practice tests, I mean do as much general reading as possible. I suggest you focus on reading short articles on topics that interest you or on topics that are common in IELTS – newspapers and magazines are a great resource here.

2. Improve key skills – skimming and scanning and reading in detail:

A major problem in the exam is the length of the texts and you will not have time to read them all carefully. You need to train your speed reading skills so that you can read as efficiently as possible. 2 skills here are skimming which is reading quickly for general meaning and scanning which is looking for specific information.

3. Focus on the question – avoid careless errors:

The texts in IELTS are typically quite hard, so candidates spend as much time as possible reading the texts. Mistake. Why? Well, a huge amount of mistakes are made by not focusing enough on the exact question. It can be easy if you are in a hurry to miss a word such as “always” or “often”: the problem is those sorts of words can change the meaning of questions.

4. Time management – experimentation to see what works:

Because the texts are so long you need to have a definite strategy for how you manage your time in the exam to make sure you finish on time.

5. Learn the exam pattern – know the different types of questions:

There are 8/9 different types of reading question that examiners may use. Before the exam, you should make yourself familiar with each type of question as they are little bit different. What I suggest is that you look at my series of tutorials on the different types of reading questions as a first step to see what the question types are. The next stage is to experiment and see what techniques you are going to use for each type of question.

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