Logical memory sharpening

Memory sharpening requires logical thinking from your very beginning. Do you remember how many times you say - I have a bad memory. Is this confession a wrong assumption or a reality expression. Many researcher dealing about memory sharpening reveals that such confusion is the outcome of repeated negligence. A person not following scientific techniques of memory sharpening is not sure to build his improved memory, its only dream, can not be his reality. Not understanding the memory mechanism brings frustration and a permanent sense of dissatisfaction. So, it is essential to improve memory with logic like Mnemonics. Our habit of ill-preparation and than after blaming the innocent memory must be corrected. Exactly! We do not think, yet that same person who did not think has a brain that does memorize adequately or even extremely well at other times. And this is the point which gives me hope. That my brain does work very well at times yet fails to function on even the simplest level at other times. Thus it cannot be my brain itself that is defective or limited, but something else that is causing the problem.
  This lack of logical anticipation makes us innocent and helpless. Common sense is weaker at such situation and frustrating you all over the day. Such repeating incidents arises because you do not apply logic in your thinking. solution is simple: do not hamper your memory by bad assumption and apply logical interpretation in your thinking. Do not keep your mind closed, open mind will open many possibilities for building sharp memory for long term.

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