memory sharpening by active learning

In college teachers only bring you in the topic. They can not make you learned and it is your responsibility to learn actively. You must realize either you are active or passive during learning sessions and attempt to improve your situation in your favor. Memory sharpening by active learning includes Attitudes, action and behavior that you show while you are learning. In classroom arrive in time with all required materials and make a register in your mind about your "course of study" or syllabus. Keep your mind open and make a frame of what you are taught, then ask questions, express your opinions and involve in your class discussions. Note taking habit is the best one to encode information in your long term memory, it also enhance your active learning habits. At home, read with a purpose for active learning. Purpose arise from your inquisitiveness so make you think and realize like a child. Relate your own experience and existing wisdom and frequently ask questions to yourself. Learn how to associate information, identify central ideas, summaries and conclusions of your text. Deduction and induction is an effective tool to simulate your sharper memory and active learning. Make a habit of highlighted keywords using highlighters or pen. During exam, know what to study, make a test taking strategy and make map, chart or diagram to condense your study matter in useful way. These suggestions will help for active learning during exams. Never forget Active learning and memory making needs interest as a controlling parameter. Create interest by healthy imagination of your subject.

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