Calories burned in Hot Yoga/ Bikram Yoga

  Hot yoga, also called Bikram Yoga is a series of Yoga poses done sequentially one ofter another in a heated environment. The purpose of heated room is to increase flexibility our body so that stretching of body do not injure our body. Since Hot yoga is done in heated studio at about 105 degree Fahrenheit profuse sweating occurs. This is responsible for burning your calories in Hot Yoga. Performance of 1.5 Hours Hot yoga can burn 600 to 1100 calories. This value varies with your age, stress during Yoga performance, temperature of room, emotional excitement during the process and so on. According to the biomedical point of view, our body metabolic activities are harmonious to our body temperature. A sudden increase in the temperature of external atmospheric environment  and practice of body stretching and bending Yoga postures at the same time simultaneously increase our normal body metabolism dramatically. Such sudden surge of metabolic rate encourage stored fat tissues to oxidize in an accelerated rate. This is the prime reason behind the burning of calories during Hot Yoga so significantly. Many people doubt about the burning of Calories in such a high amount during the Hot Yoga . In this case, the best suggestion is that rejection without experience is bad, give a try and experiment it as a scientific methodology suggests you.
  Factors that determine weight loss percentage in Hot Yoga:
#. One of the fundamental aspect of Yoga is the use of your sub-conscious mind. Belief fully and sincerely about the aforementioned benefits of Hot Yoga. This will control your sub-conscious, which in turn will control your endocrine systems. There is great role of endocrine to balance you and achieve your Goal.
#. If regular- slow and steady will also win the race. Therefore Practice Hot Yoga regularly each day for about 3 to 4 weeks.
#. Be vegetarian and prefer fresh and green vegetables. Later, it will develop in your habit. This is quite good as a permanent solution.
#. There is the chance of being dehydrated during Hot Yoga exercise. So, you need to drink liquid matter in sufficient amount to replenish water lost from your body by extensive sweating.

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