How to improve memory easily?-1

1.DO ACTIVE LEARNING.  Active learning facilitates your memory by helping you attend to and process information. All of the memory techniques require active learning. Even if you attend every lecture and read every assignment, there is no guarantee that you will make memory, learn and remember the information. Although you may passively absorb some material, to ensure that you remember important information and improve your memory requires being active and involved, that is attending to and thinking about what you are learning. Memory , memory let,s learn about memory sharpening.
2. VISUAL MEMORY. Some people memorize information best when it is encoded visually; if that is the case for you, then code information in this manner. But even if you do not consider yourself specifically "a visual learner," you may find that including visual memory can still help. After all, it is one more way of encoding and storing information--and one more way of retrieving it for a test.
There are many ways of visually encoding and retrieving information.  A better speed learner must have skills of associating concepts with visual images. But other aids to visual memory include diagrams, tables, outlines, etc. Often these are provided in texts, so take advantage of pictures, cartoons, charts, graphs, or any other visual material. You can also draw many of these things yourself. You can  try to visualize how the ideas relate to each other and draw a graph, chart, picture, or some other representation of the material. You may even want to make it a habit to convert difficult material into actual pictures or diagrams in your notes, or to convert words into mental images on the blackboard of your mind.
For our memory improvement  visual memory can be as simple as writing out vocabulary words, theories, or algebraic formulas. This allows you to not only practice  the information but also to see the way it looks on the page therefore developing a visual memory that you may be able to retrieve later. Another advantage is that it helps you take an active role in learning the material. When you draw your ideas on paper or write down things you are trying to remember, you have the opportunity to think about the information more deeply.

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