What is yoga?

The term Yoga comes from Hindu philosophy. Nowadays the quest What is yoga and for what it is much more common. More than 16 millions of Americans are of fond of Yoga and its related practice. Yoga comes from Sanskrit language. Its literal meaning is to unite or to bridge. The aim of yoga is to achieve immortality that means to be free from the cycle of life and death. This freedom can be attained by the unification of or yoga of the individual soul to the universal soul. So it is applied to the body and mind to achieve its aim. So, yoga is the applied science of mind, body and soul. It targets to remove attachment with the physical pleasure as well as with the pain of physical world in a noble manner. Just a single statement is not enough to cool down your search of "what is yoga?".  Yoga therapy develops power to gain control over our fluctuating senses, maximize the use of our body and mind ( two powerful tools) to achieve our goal. Free yoga training is available in many places.Yoga Therapy in fact harmonize our thought, emotions and actions to give maximum yield. Yoga itself does not create health, rather it make an environment for dynamic balance. Therefore do not yoga as a physical therapy, extend its use as your lifestyle in every steps and every corners of your life. Basically yoga definition includes stretching body, breathing practices and progressive deep relaxation. Yoga is not restricted to any particular religion and yoga therapy brings proper balance between physical and spiritual well being. This is neither an exaggeration nor a paradox.It is real science- an applied science. Therefore, make you great and change your everything by learning and adopting free yoga.

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