Mantra Yoga

   Mantra Yoga means chanting of Mantras( Holy words or group of words) repeatedly and with increasing concentration. According to our Hindu Philosophy Mantra are the packets of energy as same as the Photons which is the packet of radiant energy. A Person who do Mantra Yoga on a regular basis is free from sins and with full vigor. In Mantra Yoga Holy words are chanted again and again until the thought and emotions are fully controlled and superconciousness  is clearly experienced. Wandering mind is brought into full control by the energy of Mantras.
    Mantra Yoga is a spiritual science. Therefore many people are suspicious about it. They do not believe in its power. Whatever our modern society says is not hundred percent true.So, it would be better to follow the way of learning by experience. If your experience of Mantra Yoga support the claims of eastern Philosophy, then you will obviously believe. Every Mantra has a Monk who gave it, each Mantra has a inflection of the voice of a Supernatural Being, this gives special power to Mantra. For example: Om represents the net power of our Universe.
   Mantra yoga represents Divinity. By repeated chanting of Mantra solution of serious problems, defects and anomalies within you can be cured. Mantra yoga of Saraswati 'OM Saraswati Namah' will develop wisdom and super intelligence. Maha Mritunjaya Mantra will prevent chances of accidents, cure long term diseases and lengthen your life. OM Hanumanaya Namah bestow victory and strength within you.


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