How to do Sun Salutation?

Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar is a combination of 12 series of Yoga poses. All these 12 postures are practiced one after another and repeated in a cycle. Sun Salutation is  a best yoga for human health because it helps to burn fat, reduce body weight and protect us from several types of cardiovascular diseases.
   Steps of Sun Salutation: ( Each movement is delicately coordinated with your breath

  1. Start by standing in the mountain pose, keep your feet apart and join your hands exactly in the prayer position. Take deep breathe to completely fill your lungs.(Mountain) 
  2. On your inhale, in a sweeping style raise your arms upwards and slightly arched backward until you feel comfortable.(Hands up)
  3. As you inhale, bend forward and bring your hands to touch beside your feet. (Hands to knee) 
  4. Inhale air and step backward your right leg slowly.(Lunge) 
  5. Exhale and step back your left leg to form a plank like position and deeply inhale in this position. (Plank)
  6. Exhale and lower down your body so that it seems you are doing push down. Keep your hands and feet only touching to the ground. (Stick)
  7. Inhale and by bending your waist only step forward and up. Lift up your legs so that only your foot tips and hands touch the ground. (upward dog)
  8. Exhale and lift up your hips and push back and up. (downward dog)
  9. Inhale and move your right foot forward. (lunge) 
  10. Same as step 3. (head to knees)
  11. Same as step 2. (hands up)
  12. Same as step 1. (Mountain)

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