Bikram yoga and hot yoga

Yoga is a broad branch including mental health as well as physical strength for people of all age. Among them Bikram yoga and hot yoga are much popular whole over the world. bikram yoga is sometime called hot yoga, is a series of over 25 hatha yoga. These hatha yoga are performed in warm and humid environment and prevents our muscular pain and increase the circulation of blood in the appropriate regions. In hot yoga or bikram yoga at first room temperature is increased by artificial heating units and hatha yoga is done within this condition with profuse sweating and muscular flexibility. Hot yoga cautions are pregnant women should not do this and participant should drink enough water before and immediately after doing this yoga in order to prevent dehydration.
Hot yoga warms your muscles to avoid injury, allowing for a deeper stretch and to cleanse the body by flushing the toxins out through sweating. The postures are arranged in a logical sequence to allow the body to adjust from one posture to the next. It works to strengthen muscles, ligaments and joints. It works the organs, tissues, glands and nervous system. It benefits the entire body right up to the cellular level. It has made people sweat, cry laugh and groan. So this bring about dynamic change in human emotions and give them the strength to control emotion.  Benefits of bikram yoga are: sharper memory, increase in life span, muscular improvement, prevention of serious disease and physical weakness. In conclusion, Bikram or hatha yoga saves many lives and make a perfect man.

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