yoga for the back

During old age or after strenuous physical exercises, one may suffer from back pain. It arises due to the increase in stress in your work or routine activities. When usual bio-mechanical arrangement of bones and nerves in our spine is disrupted back pain appears as a common consequence. In this context, yoga is an effective remedy that can minimize and even eliminate pain in your back. If you remain in regular touch of yoga for the back such as: corpse pose, fish pose, cat pose, crane pose, etc, you will surely improve your situation. Ten minutes a day is all you would need to start. Giving only a little effort and a few trials, you will easily find out the most suitable ways to calm your back and minimize the pain feelings. More importantly, with the proper performance of some typical yoga postures, the lower and upper back pains are dealt with rather easily.Therefore, back injuries can be eliminated by practicing some yoga exercises and maintaining good posture.

 Causes of back pain:
1. Incorrect posture: Bad posture causes unnecessary strain in certain muscles of your neck and back. Correct posture during movement, bending forwards, carrying and picking objects can prevent both lower and upper back pain.
2. Movement of muscles, bones and joints repeatedly and jerkily.
3. Back pain also occur due to spinal disc injury, adjoining neural as well as muscular inflammation also cause this.
4. Viral infections, cancer, scars and cysts of worms.
5. If joints do not fit exactly inside their housing back pain is inevitable.
How to heal our back pain?
1. A proper combination of  yoga poses, breathe exercises, meditating techniques and physical exercises like swimming, running, etc can give you a permanent solution for your long term problem of irritating pain.
2. Learn to identify muscles that are tight and painful and then apply careful stretching yoga poses.
3. You can use Acupuncture, a harmless technique, and daily massage around affected areas.
4. Maintaining correct postures while working and doing movement of your body and developing these lifestyle as your day to day behavior are highly useful.

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