Obstacles of Yoga meditation

Yoga is long practice and may seem hard to adopt in our lifestyle. Wrong practice of yoga has many obstacles, pitfalls and degradation. Therefore proper understanding of yoga philosophy is very essential before achieving proficiency in yoga meditation. A yogi needs to give enough attention towards following Obstacles of yoga meditation for his smooth success in this royal road.
1. Physical or mental disease and weakness. It is difficult to do yoga if you are physically sick. Thus it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle for the prevention of illness and promotion of optimal health.
2. Disinclination towards performing ones responsibility. We avoid our practice and create excuses for not being on the path and doing the work, this habit of procrastination will degrade us.
3. Doubting ones capability or the outcomes of yoga. It is necessary to eliminate confusions by reading Veda, Upanishads and other vedic literature. It is important to cultivate faith in our mind about the effects of yoga.
4. Carelessness, helplessness a lack of persistence practice. Yoga is the combination of  science and art and approaching it without skill, care, respect and devotion will create  negative results.
5. Yoga requires discipline, zeal and tapas, will-power to succeed on its path. Laziness will prevent you from attaining your highest potential. Static nature of mind and body blocks the progress.
6. Attachment or continuous  love to pleasurable activities. If we want progress in yoga we should be able to say goodbye to our unwanted physical desires.
7. Erroneous vision brings uncertainty. Establishment of false beliefs about the Yoga meditation and its results ultimately leads to harm and disappointment in our thoughts.
8. Poor practice stops the progress so that one can not attain the next stage of yoga. Such incompleteness leads to too much discouragement and distraction of mind.
9. Non-accomplishment of a yogic stage. Such unstable culture lags behind the practitioner and cultivate failure finally.
  All these obstacles of yoga meditation should be removed from us in their first appearance. Concentration of thoughts and actions and obedience in 8 limbs of yoga needs to be maintained all time. By focusing all your attention into a single object, all these obstacles disappears instantly, and you, a yogi is very close to yogic destination.

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