Yoga and Pregnancy

Yoga and Pregnancy can go together to improve present prenatal condition and also for future safety reasons. The practice of yoga postures during pregnancy can not only keep you physically well, but also mentally prepared for giving birth to a baby. With pain giving hormones and various pregnancy symptoms that a pregnant women suffer, yoga can be a natural solution to minimize these types of sufferings and discomforts, as well as ensuring an easier and smoother delivery and recovery time. In this case, Yoga postures should be done under strict supervision of  a yoga instructor and it is also equally necessary to consult your doctor to know the compatibility of pregnancy yoga with your present health conditions. If you are unaware of yoga, its philosophy or if you have some specific health problems at the time of pregnancy, then this consideration is necessary to give enough attention. There are different yoga postures and breathe improving yoga meditation that are more in tune with your present condition. Yoga helps in stretching and cultivating the muscles for birth, and you definitely make birth easier. The muscles are well prepared by pregnancy yoga pose to eliminate any risk involved at the time of labor.
   Yoga for pregnancy
1. Yoga poses: Theses works in two ways to ensure safe pregnancy.Yoga poses mainly act on the reproductive organs and pelvis to ensure a smooth pregnancy period and a relatively easy childbirth. At the deepest level, these maintain enhanced supply of blood and nutrients to the developing foetus.
2. Pranayama: Regular practice of breathing exercises or pranayama ensure abundant supply of oxygen so that uplifting the life force or prana for pregnant body and developing foetus occurs.
3. Meditation: Fear, psychic disorders and mental conflicts appear frequently during pregnancy and  deteriorate the mental and psychological strength. These devastating problems can be calmed down and fitness of mother and growing child inside her womb can be harmonized by adopting sacred practice of meditation.
4. Yoga nidra: This means deep consciousness yogic sleeping, and this gives deep mental, emotional and psychological relaxation to prepare for upcoming childbirth.
  To get optimum benefit, practice yoga routinely. This not only secure your life but also assist in best development of your baby.

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