Essential stages of meditation.

Today, this  world is sure that meditation can be our wonderful investment in our struggling life. So it is often repeated that "Invest your spare time today, in minute amount, for the marvelous, that you can achieve tomorrow". Now, to understand meditation for better performance, you need to know some essential stages of meditation. This is a systematized event. It has a definite procedure to follow to prepare your body, mind and then your inner being ready for realization of soul, for the perception of divinity, the ultimate truth.
  •  At the very beginning, a meditator should remove all the disturbing and distressing discomfort(tiredness) which he is suffering at the moment. Without physical relaxation, the ongoing meditation will be fruitless.
  • Then, your mind should be quieten. Mind always jump from one subject to another changing your thinking time to time. This type of mental instability seriously erode your concentration power. Those disturbing conversation running inside your mind needs to be controlled as much as possible.
  • After silencing mental chatter, now comes concentration. Concentration build-up needs repeating mantra or chanting hymns or sometimes visualization. This step raise your spiritual energy and make you active so that you become ready to proceed ahead.
  • Autosuggestion for inspiration of your mind is next stage. Affirmative suggestions like; 'I am recovering soon', 'my memory is becoming sharper and sharper', 'I am in deep meditation', etc. are suggested by you for your soul. By this practice our overall weakness are removed easily and dramatically. 
  • Beyond autosuggestion, deep meditation will begin. You can do different type of meditation  depending upon your purpose. You can connect you to your inner soul, residing inside you. You can also do some creative visualization and useful planning for your coming future. You also have chance to analyze your wisdom and discover something new within that hypnotic meditation. Deep relaxation really gives us infinite pleasure and never dimming satisfaction, which is the matter we are searching from ages.
  • Repeat autosuggestion step in the same manner. Nowadays hypnotics CD's are available everywhere for this purpose. Find effective CD that suits your ambition.
  • At last, gradually return to the waking stage, feel the full consciousness.
The essential stages of meditation explained above are generalization of all meditating practices.

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