7 Chakra meditation in yoga

Human body is bilaterally symmetrical, this means it can be divided into two equal portions from the center. Along the central imaginary line that passes from our forehead and between our legs, lies some 7chakras. Chakras are the energy centers resembling like wheels and situated inside our internal organs like Heart, Head, Windpipe, etc. Regarding the age old Chakras meditation in Yoga, it can be said that these are highly helpful to cure particular physical disturbances and increasing concentration. These are only few mostly expected outcomes, the detail importance of Chakras still need to be explored. These energy spins are intimately associated with the neighboring organs and regulates it vital function as long as it remains healthy. Now,let we discuss point wise about these focal centers of vital energy.
  • Root Chakra(Red): This is situated at the base of our spine. It is regarded as the powerhouse of spiritual power because it is often believed that energy flows from this center towards our upper body. This center has supreme ability to master our body.
  • Naval Chakra(Orange): It lies in lower abdomen near urinary bladder and is related to mental and emotional feelings like love, respect, harmony, generosity,etc.
  • Solar plexus(Yellow): Solar plexus is important for increasing concentration, control and self discipline. It is situated at our upper abdomen.
  • Heart Chakra(Green): Love feelings like affection, forgiveness, compassion, harmony, etc. radiate from this center and is located at the center of our chest.
  • Throat center(Blue): Complete opening of this center improve our communication ability, matures our understanding and adds to our wisdom. It is situated below epiglottis.
  • Third Eye(Indigo): This is located just about our nose on the forehead. This center is related to our perception, understanding, intuition and philosophy that is beyond our physical realm. In meditation, realization of soul is possible only after concentrating at third eye.
  • Crown Chakra(Violet): It is located at the topmost region of our head and directly related to the dealing of mind and soul. A meditator can use this focus to clarify one's consciousness.
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