How to learn meditation yoga effectively?

Are you interested in learning meditation or something like that? Then, you may have asked yourself, 'How to learn meditation yoga effectively?'. I have also similar experience about that. I used to test various meditating sessions as like 'hit and trail method'. Sometimes I did chanting wrong mantra, elders several times gave vague suggestions and I myself confused about the basic philosophy behind yoga. When I was learning yoga I did several rude mistakes and developed plenty of  false beliefs. It looked like that I was learning accessories without learning main trunk. Later I catch the correct path, befriend with learned yogis, connect with reliable sites and remove all illusions and incorrect poses by visiting my guru many times. Extracting from my past experience, I would like to suggest following fundamental ideas- this will prevent you from digressing away from the main subject and provide the safest path for your success.
  • Meditation CD or MP3: Alluring sounds from meditating or hypnotic CD is highly recommended for beginner. This helps to maintain concentration by removing fluctuation of thinking.
  • Yoga practice: Yoga was originally conceived for removing physical and mental strain. This vast sub-category of health prepares a man well prepared for meditation. Most wise method is to take these two partners, yoga and meditation, together. 
  • Hypnosis: In this method, a hypnotherapist guide you to visualize and frequently asks what you are visualizing. Hypnosis is a special form of instruction to learn meditation yoga effectively.
  • Guided meditation: A beginner is best suited for this. A qualified Instructor can guide him into the meditating stage without any pitfalls. In this way, you can develop nice skills within few months.

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