Yoga for improving your sleep.

Yoga is essential for improving your sleep disorders. Without good sleep,you can not remain healthier and your happy mood will be discontinued. Sleeplessness, also called insomnia, imbalance our normal life. This may be due to a number of factors such as excessive night duty, pain, depression, anxiety, illness and due to the change in your sound sleeping environment. Insomnia can make you feel weak, energy-less,unproductive, extremely tired and lack of encouragement or motivation. Therefore it is very necessary to avoid such evil consequences that you may suffer because of your unsound sleeping behavior. Then, what is the remedy? How to improve our sleep with yoga? Yoga, yes it is indeed yoga which is one of the rare but precise set of physical activities, which can reinvent perfect harmony among our mind, body, soul and this external environment. That's why yoga maintains overall body fitness from all dimensions.
  Things to know for our sound sleep: Do you care about this? It sounds less important, however it impacts significantly. I use to go bed and leave it around same time every night. Such constant time  sleeping  habit keeps your body biochemical process smooth over all time. Involve in physical exercises or yoga everyday to remove stress from your muscles and joints. Do not use Drugs like Antidepressants, pain removing tablets, digestive pills, or stimulating substances like alcohol, cigarette, etc. around your bed time. Never irritate your brain, never alleviate dissatisfaction or allergy before going to sleep. In fact, for sound sleep, we have to keep us away from anxiety and painful thought. Our life is never smooth, some traces of  weakness as well as dissatisfaction are always there. Then, why to feel sad, your sadness can not recover this, instead it worsen the situation even more. Such weakness intensifying factor is never helpful. In this situation, we need a counteracting agent, a soothing factor for our internal relaxation and this divine factor is nothing but yoga. Yoga affects our cardiovascular system, assists in the proper nourishment of each and every body cells, increase the control of brain towards our endocrine system resulting in the proper secretion of hormones and regulation of body metabolism. Lack of Oxygen in our nerves and lack of control over thoughts are chief factors which contribute in mental anxiety. Both these evil factors can be easily eliminated by practicing breathe- yoga. At last, I would like to suggest you for practicing yoga at least 15 minutes daily for improving your sleep.

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