Avoiding alcoholism and drug addiction by practicing yoga.

  Alcoholism and drug addiction is a major social evil in the modern context independent of any country, caste, culture and creed. We know that in health care centers, it is used for the treatment of diseases but nowadays we listen about people victimized by drugging and drinking habit everywhere. Our peoples, our near and dears have in their mind wisdom about harms that alcohol and drug could do, but unfortunately, they turn a blind eye on this fact. They continue this evil habits for the sake of false satisfaction, which is temporary and illusive, destructive and damaging to our career. This is indeed bad for them, for their society, their nation and for all of us. Friends, it is very necessary to find a solution for the long term. Therefore, those who have been accustomed with this evil behave can correct them by practicing Yoga.
   Dear friends, you may not know that I, once, used to do drug. When I recall those days, my mind begin to fill with indefinite terror even today. Today, I am totally transformed and living a well reputed life with a nice job in  financial sector, a happy family furnished with love and affection, and a good social respect. I give this whole credits to yoga and meditation practicing culture , which rescue my destroyed life from the horrors of alcoholism and drug addiction. I along with my friends, used to enjoy several sorts of drugs like heroin, smack, morphine, lysergic acid and mostly cannabis. These inoculations and injections gave us variety of mental feelings and emotional abnormalities such as floating sensation, feeling of relaxation, exhilaration as well as escape of pain, anxiety and frustration. I used that dirty way of living because of my peer pressure at that time and lost everything I had and those I could establish. I got nothing positive by this, only hatred and negligence i had obtained. I had been a alien in my own home, a monster in my own society and perhaps a serious burden in my own motherland. Considering all these evil consequences and my worsen health condition, one day I decided to abandon my bad habit, avoid Alcoholism and drug addiction and ultimately restore my happy life.
  At last, I visited Swami Ramananda in Awalching, wept in front of him and told my whole panic story. He somehow, quieten me and promised to help and remove me from the drug trap. After learning Yoga philosophy, meaning of life and my duty to whole world, and practicing different yoga and meditation poses regularly, finally I got restored in my normal life again. That day was a great day in my life, I was very very happy. I will never forget that life transforming moments. And many many thanks to my guru who enlighten my life. I will also never forget his contribution.
 Habits die hard. They determine our destiny, our personality. Drug and alcohol addictions are bad habits of today's youth. and bad habits only do physical, moral, social and economic degradation. Therefore, it is very essential to replace them by forming good habits in order to glorify our fame and name. Good habits give a charm to our personality and we will have a matchless character.

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