Prana Yoga

      Prana Yoga or Pranayama is one of the five principles of Yoga and is related to the science of breath control. Breathing is one of the most important vital functions in living beings. Proper breathing is very essential to drive enough oxygen to our body and brain and to sustain our prana(vital energy).  Therefore the concept of Prana Yoga had arisen. Prana is a Sanskrit word which has the meaning 'vital force'. It is for developing highest form purification and self-discipline within us. In Yoga, Prana is believed to flow through a network of fine subtle channels called nadis. Its most delicate material form is the breath, but it is also found in the blood in somewhat diluted form, and its most concentrated form is semen in men and vaginal fluid in women.
Types of prana:
1. Prana: This is related to the pondering of heart from which oxygenated blood is pumped towards each and every cells through our circulatory system. This is the medium through which prana enters inside our body.
2. Apana:  Apana is responsible for the removal of unwanted waste products from our body through lungs and other excretory systems.
3. Udana: This prana is specialized for producing sounds/speech in our vocal appratus, that,s why singing, laughing, crying and spelling sounds become possible.
4. Samana: This controls digestion of food stuffs and cellular metabolism, either catabolism or anabolism. Such type of vital phenomenon is essential for heat production(Aura) and to build up new cells and repair worn out cells.
5. Vyana: Vyana is responsible for the contraction and expansion of our voluntary muscular system.

Pranayama or prana yoga is the science of controlling our vital force by controlling breathing. After admitting this fact, there is the need of regular practice of this yogic art to uplift one's prana. According to yogic philosophy, by systematic and intensified effort of pranayama practice, one can lead to the awakening of kundalini.

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