Useful formulas for memory building

Following Ten formula for memory making can improve memory

Make you  active
It is necessary to remain active at all things you do, or hear or think or read. Try to keep notes or make sure you heard and understood what someone else tells you. When you are passive, your brain gets carried away and you loose your concentration and ability to memorize things. Be active, so that the brain can record what was said.                                                                                                                                                  Give you Focus
Focus and give attention to details as well. Everyday, we receive a huge amount of information, but we only remember what we consider important. A good trick to help you remember everything is thinking that everything is vital. Pretend, for example, that you are investigating a murder and that everything happening around you is very important for your case and you need to remember it.                                                     Associate your thoughts
Combine what you want to remember with things you already know. The item that connects them may be a color, a number or a rhyme. To remember a list of things, try to associate the items in the list with images and visualize them in your brain. For example if the first think in your list is a pen try to visualize the list and keep an image of a pen on top. So you have visually combined the pen with the first thing of your list. You can also use acronyms and combination of names - or make suggestions using the first letter of each word - as retention tools.
Repetition helps your memory. It "forces" something we want to remember to be "printed" in our brain. When you meet someone for the first time, immediately repeat his/her name several times, or when you are given a telephone number, write it down and repeat it aloud. If you need to always remember something, write it a few times on a piece of paper and make sure that your are concentrated and focused when you do that.
Combine the names of the persons you cannot remember easily with someone who looks like them or with a word that describes them most. Play with their names and get a visual picture in your mind.
Analyze new information
Always we tend to remember what interests us and to forget things we do not like. If you hate maths, it will be extremely difficult for you to remember complex theorems. But if you look into the matter deeply and understand how much difficulty was for the scientists to come up with this theory, you will remember it much more easily. The same holds for other cases as well. There is a reason why you can remember the phone of your favorite pizzeria and not the phone of your dentist.                                                                               Be patient 
The memory is not instantaneous. You must give yourself time to «digest» the information. There are things that you can remember more quickly than others, so do not put yourself in trying to memorize everything if it is not fast enough. When you try to remember something, it is essential to keep your energy high and accrue.
 Keep Relaxed
The pressure is effective for some people, but most operate better when they are relaxed and de-stressed. When we are pressed and stressed, we cannot remember anything. Can you recall a case where you are asked for the name of a singer you know and at that moment you could not remember it and then suddenly you remember it at some irrelevant phase. Take a deep breath. Do not get stressed if you cannot remember something, its no big deal. The relaxation will enhance the thinking and your memory.                                      Keep your mind alert
The apathy is good when you want to relax, but this should not be your way of living. The more you keep your memory vigilant, the better it works. This becomes even more important as it grows. Do crossword solving, learning new words everyday and read constantly. You need to continually exercise your memory and your intelligence.                                                                                                                                        Exercise
The brain is closely connected with the body. You need to exercise daily so as to have a good blood circulation and rejuvenate your lungs. Eat those foods that can give your body the nutrients and vitamins needed. The overdose of alcohol and drugs can impair your memory.

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