For memory making - Study skills

Three most suitable study methods for memory  making are:
Use Mnemonics techniques
In exams, there are lots of places where you need to memorize long lists. You can use Mnemonics to make things a lot easier. This helps us to remember lot of information just in a few attempts.
Using this memory improvement tip, remembering long lists will require less of your study time.
Use Photographic Memory
When you read your studying material, picture things in your brain and make it funny or shocking so that it’s hard to forget.
For example, earthquakes are caused by plates moving towards or away from each other. This build up of pressure is then eventually released which causes the earth to move. What you can do to remember this is immediately picture 2 smiling plates with faces, pushing each other. Eventually they lose balance and fall over each other. Simple photographic images of the above scenarios can be easily imagined and remembered. If the images are funny or scary, then you’ll remember them even better. It is much harder to use your memory to recall information without your brain relating to the text it reads with images.
Work In Chunks Of Time
 When you study your materials, you tend to remember the beginning of the material and the ending of the material. The bit in the middle is the part that is easily forgotten. The reason is that when you start studying, your brain and energy is fresh. It takes in the information more easily. When you’re near the end, the information that you’re revising is most recent so recalling the information is easier. By knowing this, you can shorten your studying time to take advantage. Non stop study slowly degrade your ability so study in chunks of 30 – 45 minutes. Nothing more. You are using the beginning and the end recalling ability, to its maximum.
By studying this way, memorization is much better and you’ll spend less time revising.

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