Yoga exercises to beat common cold

Have you ever practiced yoga exercises to beat common cold? I am asking this because I found certain yoga poses very effective in restoring normal health condition and re-energizing our immune system during the gloomy period of cold attack. It is not due to coincidence, in fact it has real benefits and works like instant medicine. I have practiced through a few colds, and I experienced that doing yoga helped knock out the ill effects of the colds much faster than usual. Yoga works against cold and influenza by gradually strengthening our immune system much more than before, and this is why we get its preventive and curative effect to eliminate diseased health condition.

Best Yoga exercises to beat common cold:
1. Chanting Yoga mantras:  
Our great Scientists have already found that vibrations from humming sounds can open the sinuses and let phlegm drain out. This can also relieve nasal pressure and can even eliminate a bacterial infection of our sinuses. It is better to chant any mantra including 'Om'. Such mantras let vibrating respiration with sounds like buzzing bee, so inhale deeply along with chanting of mantra to beat common cold.

2. Nasal irrigation:
You can do nasal irrigation into your both nostrils to open their blockage. In lukewarm water, add a pinch of curry salt and use it. This part of yogic culture is know as Neti.

3. Dirgha Shwasan:  In this deep respiratory yoga, inhale and exhale deeply through the nose, 15-20 times. Your stomach should expand when inhaling and your stomach should pulled towards the spine when exhaling.
  It helps to open up blocked nostrils, cleanse the walls of your lungs and also helps to increase stamina and purifies the blood.

4. Anulom Vilom Pranayama- Proven yoga exercises to beat common cold:
At first, fold the index and the middle finger of your right hand. Then you have to use the thumb to close the right nostril and the last two fingers to close the left nostril, whenever needed. Close the left nostril and inhale through the right nostril, then close the right nostril and exhale through the left nostril. Next, inhale from where you have exhaled, i.e. from the left nostril, close it and exhale from the right nostril. Do this procedure repeatedly for at least 20 cycles. This yoga clears your nasal blockage, refresh and rejuvenate your body. As a consequence, you will get rapid recovery from common cold.

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