Super Memory making ideas- 2

Learning and memory making are not simple process that can not be achieved by random and interrupted philosophy. Certain effective stratagem and action plan by considering the mechanism of memory making is very essential. Remember every war begins from head and finish in the heart. For your super memory following tips are valuable:
11. Ask your subconscious mind about what to do, debate with it and finally make it to take a rigid decision. Never disrespect the saying of your soul. Be assistant of it and do accordingly to gain success.
12. By proper using of your senses , learn to correctly evaluate the animate and inanimate things and concepts you have learned and give your own view without distractions.
13. Sleep being tension free and forgetting all the pain you encounter whole over the day. This prevents corruption of your mind and helps in the solidification of  your learning. At least 4 hours of sleep cycles are recommended for healthy brain.
14. Smell of rose stimulate hippo-campus of your brain and enhance your memory. So make habit of taking smell of rose in a regular basis.
15. Almost all the constituents needed to energize your brain are found Apple. Apple must be a favorite fruit for a wise learner. 
16. Making imaginary friends and doing debate with them about your study matter  will perfectly utilize your subconscious mind. Remember, subconscious mind occupies 90% of your useable mind.
17. Chewing Gums increase your memory by 35%. If you take your food and chew properly , it is sure that you will increase your memory.
18. Most important thing in your life is management of time. Making good time table and obediently following it may make you a great man.
19. Singing song and listening music everyday calm your mind and increase concentration tremendously.
20. Never compare you with others. Believe you are unique and begin to develop your potentially into active energy.

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  1. Anonymous9:59:00 AM

    After reading this i admit that we have huge potentiality to develop our memory


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