Improve yourself to remember better.

How to improve yourself to remember better?
1.    1. Improve your sleeping.
      Enough sleep is necessary to concentrate on what you're reading. In fact, you'll certainly fall asleep while you read. If you want to remember better what you read, make sure that you have got enough sleep before you begin your study.  If you are reading many hours at night, do not forget to drink tea or coffee because the mild stimulant found in this drinks helps you to feel better.
  1. Throw out confusion.
    If the sentence structure, paragraph and key words are confusing for you, you won't be able to remember what you read. This is hundred percent killing of time. If you don't understand what you're reading, there is rare chance to remember it. To recover this, make use of dictionary to understand difficult words, find key words and central idea at first and begin to link remaining information with it.
  2. Visualization is one of the supreme ideas.
    Can you imagine your experience of climbing tree? Can you visualize the plot of your first immunization day?  Where was the hospital, what was its architecture, what types of patients did you find along the hallway, how they were behaving and doctors response. All these can be included in a mental picture for a better memory. First, visualize and you can easily remember. While reading text, see if you can imagine what's going on. Immerse yourself in the story. You may really be there, in the real plot, as if you are watching those incidents in front of your Eyes.
  3. Remove, what is distracting you.
    Are you worried about earning, relatives, your girlfriend or your any other that is worthwhile for you?  Such distractions can make it difficult to pay attention to what you're reading, breaks the chain of understanding. If you're hungry, eat something before you read, if something is disturbing you; correct it before you sit for learning.  Make an attempt to put all distractions out of your brain.
  4. Increase your reading frequency.
Frequent reading keeps your mental stamina improving, consequently you can easily remember. Practice makes man perfect.  As much you do practice of remembering, much better you improve your memory. As you make reading a regular part of your life, you'll make more connections of thoughts. You'll stay more concentrated and your mind will automatically begin to meditate. You'll be more motivated, and you'll understand better than before. You need to habituate your memory by continuous practice
6.     6. Mark Words and sentences whenever needed.
        While immersing in your book, mark or highlight sentences and keywords where ever needed. This habit re-energizes your dimming concentration time to time, give sharp stroke to your learning pulse. By doing this, you could read with improved memory.

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